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Twisted Metal for PS3 revealed!

Its been 10 years since the last Twisted Metal console game was released. Sony and David Jaffe has been teasing that a new Twisted Metal game is coming out, going back and forth with the general public saying the game is coming and ‘not coming’ etc. etc. So, when E32010 came around – David Jaffe came up to the sony conference stage and took off the curtains off their latest project; a modern version of Twisted Metal! Yes, the vile, xtreme, dangerous sweet tooth makes his triumphant return to the masses. And this time, it is going to be on a epic and grand scale. See for yourself:

Here’s where David Jaffe reveals the #%@&ing game at E32010! He goes onto showing off first gameplay footage!

Here, he reveals a new mode called “Nuke.” Now, hold your horses MW2 players; because this is a matchtype we’re talking about here, not a killstreak reward.

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