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Microsoft reveals Xbox One price at $499

On May 21st for Microsoft’s new Xbox Reveal at their world headquarters in Washington, Xbox One was revealed. Today at E32013, Microsoft revealed Xbox One’s price, release window, and games that would arrive either on launch day, or in the launch window. First, let’s start off with some of the games revealed at E32013…

First up, Ryse is an Xbox One exclusive about an empire that’s about to destroy another empire. At this point, we don’t know much about the story or the game itself other than that the game seems to take a page out of God of War’s book with these innovative QTE controls. You can fight enemies, and do all kinds of crazy blocking, and kills. Enjoy the trailer…

Secondly, we have Quantum Break, a title by Remedy that stops in time, and allows you to move things or characters without breaking story or removing characters. Again, enjoy…

Capcom has signed an exclusive contract with Microsoft to keep Dead Rising 3 exclusive to Xbox One. Enjoy…

As earlier revealed, Lost Planet 3 is coming, and is coming to all current generation consoles. The latest trailer shows off multiplayer gameplay…

Speaking of Xbox 360, not only did Microsoft talk about Xbox One, it unveiled a new Xbox 360 model which pretty much looks like Xbox One. This would further point to a price drop soon. Microsoft revealed that Xbox One is priced at $499 in United States, and $499 in Europe (and related countries), it will arrive in November.

Xbox Live is changing as of July, going forward with growth of the network. Starting July, Xbox Live Gold members will be able to get 2 free games per month – obviously a jab at PlayStation Plus business model. Starting with Xbox One launch; Microsoft is scrapping the Xbox Live/Microsoft points in favor of “real world” currency.

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  1. I don’t think Microsoft can get away with the $499 tag | Carlos 360° Blog  

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