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DMC is lookin’ crazier than ever

Devil May Cry has been a subject of controversy for quite a while. Even I shared my own displeasure with the reboot of Devil May Cry. Many people did not like the idea of Dante being portrayed as this crack addict, but the developers Ninja Theory intended to portray Dante as a beaten character. He was tormented by demons as an orphan, he was raised in institutions, youth correctional facilities, and foster homes mostly managed by demons. In his early life, he grew a deep hatred of demons because he sees the world as an unfair society. Capcom released a trailer about Dante as a “Public Enemy” of the society as a whole, which goes in line with his outcast feeling with regard to the world he lives in. Dante shows deep disrespect for authority in this awesome trailer…

Warning: Trailer features mature content not suitable for children. You have been warned.

Every year, Capcom holds an annual event called Captivate, Capcom usually use the event to show off upcoming games. So, at Captivate 2012, Capcom used the event to show off some gameplay footage of DMC…

Then, Capcom showed off how the world is like in DMC. It’s an alternate breathing world that Dante lives in, and it shows. When you get to a climax point of the game, your demonic powers comes to a head. In this video, the world is constantly changing, so Dante has to adapt with time with Devil Trigger…

I must say, Devil May Cry is looking better, and better each time!

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