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Carlos 360 blog revamped!

So, I had decided that the old design wasn’t serving me any good anymore. I have decided to give the blog a facelift. One that fits my ideals. I’d been looking for a busy, yet easy to load page. So I installed a new skin. I’m still working on fixing some of the things… and it’ll be final.

In other CarlosX360 Network news, CarlosX360 Co. Ltd. has acquired smurof.com and smurof.net as they’ll become the cornerstone of a new project planned. Mostly because of the fact that smurof is essentially Forums spelt backwards. I sat for a few minutes and thought “Why hasn’t anyone taken advantage of this name?”

Even if its spelt backwards, why not? You can basically do anything with it. So, with this in mind, I have decided to keep the smurof.net domain since it was given away to me, and looked at the .com extention. First thing out of my mouth: “Are you kidding me?” Went and bought it the next hour.

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