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Welcome to Street Fighter Vs Tekken!

Welcome to the world’s first Street Fighter X Tekken blog dedicated soley to delivering content about the ultimate battle of the titans. Street Fighter Cross Tekken in an unlikely crossover battle of the titans. Two fighting game icons clash over who’s supreme and who’s vicious! The reason why I, Carlos Morales, the entrepreneur extraordinaire has […]

What’s wrong with having “360” in websites’ names?

CarlosX360.com was born on Jun 12th, 2006 – roughly 5 years old. Carlos360.com was born on March 13th, 2008 – roughly 3 years old. Since the inception of CarlosX360, I’ve gotten a lot of backlash from a lot of people, and communities. And since then, I’ve challenged their backlash. I’ve battled negativity with an iron […]

Carlos 360 blog revamped!

So, I had decided that the old design wasn’t serving me any good anymore. I have decided to give the blog a facelift. One that fits my ideals. I’d been looking for a busy, yet easy to load page. So I installed a new skin. I’m still working on fixing some of the things… and […]

CarlosX360 Network forms CarlosX360 Co. Ltd.

I’ve been busy this week finishing college finals, and preparing for E32009, so I’m ready to make a few announcements. Every page on the CarlosX360 Network has been changed to reflect these new announcements. Several announcements this week, the first is the formation of CarlosX360 Co. Ltd. As mentioned on Twitter and my Forums. You […]

CarlosX360 goes to E32009

Starting today, you’ll be seeing pre-E³2009 news in anticipation for the biggest day in gaming, the spectacle of the gaming industry that only happens every once a year. I will be going, no matter what setbacks I’ve faced with ESA so far. So, as you can see, its not the first time I’ve been there. […]

Introducing two new Modern Warfare 2 sites!

I’ve been thinking long and hard, trying to figure out what name, or which domain name I should use for the next call of duty website….So, I started to talk to a few people including d3adcell…I couldn’t find answers. I let it go for a while, until recently, FourZeroTwo has been teasing on his twitter, […]

Carlos360 blog fixed

My sharing button was a bit buggy when I installed it, so I recently removed it, and replaced it with a more popular sharing button. The other thing is that Vimeo removed my videos because they were video-game related. I have replaced them with MySpace videos. More features coming soon.

Intense Debate Plugin installed!

I am a very happy camper tonight, because I had just installed the comments system by Automattic’s newly acquired IntenseDebate! So, you would have to register with them to comment on my blog, however, the blog will be moderated by me. So, don’t abuse the comments section lads! Awesome! It makes my articles look better. […]

I’m still working on the blog…

This blog is not entirely ready so, bear with me. I am recovering from college workload, but there’s still a lot of work to be done. I am looking for inspirations on how to make this blog more attractive as a general blog and not just a gaming blog. I already have connections within the […]

Carlos 360 Blog launched!

Hello, everyone, I’ve installed wordpress to our network. I am Carlos Morales, and I am a former Xbox Evolved staff member, who helped with news, previews, media, and advertising. Hope to start writing off-the-wall articles about the gaming world.

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