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PlayStation’s Motion Controller Named: Move.

For a almost years now, Microsoft and Sony has been wanting a piece of the Wii market. And in my opinion, Sony wanted it more than Microsoft. Sony included a tilt-sensing feature into their legendary Dual Shock controller. It didn’t make sense when they did add it to the DS3 controller, but I see the […]

Sony: It only does great brands!

Kratos is about to launch into store shelves next Tuesday when God of War 3 explodes. In a blog post by Sony Computer Entertainment America, sony talked a little about what has been going on with God of War 3, they also released a trailer to show off God of War 3’s commercial. The marketing […]

New Halo: Reach Multiplayer trailer!

Recently, I posted a video for the game detailing new features in the game; stealth killing, and sprinting. Well, the new video shows off some frantic, busy, rockin’, sportin’, furious gameplay – I don’t remember Halo being this fast and furious. Are you ready to be a spartan and start tearing things up? The video’s […]

What’s wrong with having “360” in websites’ names?

CarlosX360.com was born on Jun 12th, 2006 – roughly 5 years old. Carlos360.com was born on March 13th, 2008 – roughly 3 years old. Since the inception of CarlosX360, I’ve gotten a lot of backlash from a lot of people, and communities. And since then, I’ve challenged their backlash. I’ve battled negativity with an iron […]

Metro 2033 has a HUD-less trailer!

Ukraine developer 4A Games is set to release a first person shooter that is highly action-oriented, based on the novel by the same name, Metro 2033. The game combines action, survival horror, and RPG in a unique lookin’ game that wants to set itself from the pack. Published by THQ, the game is slated to […]

New trailer for Super Mario Galaxy 2 released!

Super Mario Galaxy 2 was announced at E32009, a trailer was shown, since then, there was not too many information available for the game. Super Mario Galaxy was originally supposed to be titled “Super Mario 128” and was also supposed to be a near-launch title for GameCube. Later, Nintendo decided to push Super Mario 128 […]

New gameplay footage of GOW3!

There seems to be a lot of steam building up for God of War 3. The hype, and the massive anticipation keeps growing, growing. Everyone keeps talking about God of War non-stop. That’s because a show GameTrailers released has shown some unbelievable footage of the game – many are amazed, left speechless that this game […]

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